Online SAN Training – SCSI Architecture & Commands

An Online SAN Training Course – SCSI-3 Architecture and Commands – is coming up starting July 19, 2010.  I am scheduled to facilitate this course (I’m the instructor), which is open to anyone, so if you have the need or desire to attend one of my SAN training classes, please go to the link at the bottom of this page to sign up.

It is NOT free, as this is how I make my living, but the price is very reasonable.  But if you enter “Greg – Bonus Item” in the “Notes” field of the registration form, you will receive a “bonus item” along with the most current version of the In-Depth Exploration of SCSI book (the book is included with the cost of the class).   Since the book and bonus have to be shipped to you, please sign up early enough to arrive  (sorry I didn’t post this earlier).

You can see the details of the course by clicking this link, and I will be able to answer your SCSI related questions using Voice over IP (VoIP), so all you will need is your computer with a microphone connected, and we’re good.  You could also call in over the phone, but who wants to do that for 4 days in a row, for 4 hours a day.  I also attempt humor and tell “SCSI stories” to get everyone involved, and will be decoding protocol analyzer traces to show how SCSI works, what happens when it doesn’t work (that means decoding sense data), that kind of thing.  And of course if you have any specific questions, that would be the time to ask them.

These Online Training classes are usually a lot of fun, and you don’t have to travel anywhere, or for some, you don’t even have to leave your home!  Just fire up your computer (with relatively high speed internet), login each day, and we can take a deeper look at how SCSI works.

I hope to “see” you soon.

Click Here to Sign Up for the SCSI Architecture and Commands Training Course.

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