Another Online SAN Training Class March 7

Another Online SAN Training Class, covering SCSI Architecture and Commands, is scheduled for March 7 through March 10, 2011 and is coming up soon.  This is a similar class as the one I mentioned last July (2010).  You can see all the details in that post (found here –> Online SAN Training – SCSI Architecture and Commands).  I believe the links in that post still work.

I just noticed that there were a few folks searching for books about storage and online training that ended up on that page. so this might be the course for you.  Just so you know up front, this is NOT free and like any other product, you get what you pay for.  So if you are ready to invest in your own education, knowledge, and future in the Storage Industry, please join me for this online class.

Hope to “see you” online soon.

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