Online Storage Network Training – What’s its Value?

Online Storage Network Training seems to be all the rage these days – and I can understand why.  With the cost and hassle of traveling outside of your hometown, or having to pay an experienced instructor – someone that has actually worked in the industry and with the equipment and people that develop the Standards – to come in and provide this training, getting this training online can look attractive.

But I wanted to ask the question, which is in the title of this post:

What’s the Value in Online Storage Network Training?

I asked this because of a recent Google search I did about some specifics of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and found a video that was basically a 5 to 6 minute presentation about the topic I was searching for.  But after watching the video, which contained information I already know, I had another question which was “How valuable would this be for a ‘real’ student?” – a student that needed to know these specifics and apply this information to their job.

This is my personal definition and experience with the students that I teach: Engineers, Programmers, Test Engineers, System Integrators, etc., that have to REALLY know this information and apply it to their job – usually immediately after class is over.  These students are “smart” people already, so their employer or clients expect them to attend my classes and come back with a LOT of knowledge that can be immediately put to use “getting the job done”.

So why this post?  Because I was thinking about these students and wanted to know if they would get any value out of a series of “Video Lessons” about a particular subject (let’s say iSCSI).  Would that type of platform (watching online videos about iSCSI) be “good enough” to get the information needed to help them do their jobs?

That also brings up other questions too, like:

  • How do you learn best?
  • Would a self-paced, online iSCSI training course be of value to you?
  • Would a “real-time” online class (where you can ask questions of a live instructor) be better?
  • What would you like to have available to you in such a training platform (Q&A box, Chat Window, FAQ List, a forum that can be searched, etc.)?

If you would like to provide some input or answers to any of the above questions, please register and post a comment below.

Take Care, Greg

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