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As a SAN Training Instructor, one of the things I get to do (or have to do, depending on your point of view) is to travel to different parts of the United States and other parts of the world.

Last week, I did some “minor” travel, at least for me.  You see, I live in the East Bay area of the greater Silicon Valley and got the chance to visit the Solution Technology facilities to present an iSCSI Protocol Training course.  Since my home is over 50 miles away, and about 75 minutes from the site (or more if there is any traffic at all), it was decided that I would “stay over” between the days of the class.  Considering the price of gas and the wear on the vehicle (and me) of making one round trip vs. three, then I think I broke even.  But not having to deal with the traffic each morning and evening really allows me to concentrate on how the class is going and think about the students’ needs for the next day of the class.

And there is another benefit that I would like to share with you – that is the view from Mill Street early in the morning after I made my 2 minute commute from the hotel to the office.  Check out the pictures below.

View from Mill Street, Ben Lomond, CA

View from Mill Street toward Highway 9 - Ben Lomond, CA

This is the early morning view from the street that runs past the office.  Notice the fog that covers the tops of the trees.   I had to get a closeup view, which is shown in the next picture.

Fog in the trees - closeup

Fog in the Trees of Ben Lomond

As you might be able to tell, it has been a good ‘rainy season’ this year (yes, we need the water) and you can probably see the wet street in the first picture.

I really love this area for all of the trees and the chance to get away from the typical ‘busy’ environment of the usual places I go to do training.  It is also very relaxing to be able to get outside during breaks and lunch time, at least when the son comes out.  I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the river that runs behind the office, but next time I’m there I will put that on my to-do list.

We are not completely isolated here (yes most cell phones do work here), but there is a chance to get away from the typical ‘110 mph rush’ that seems to be everywhere down in the valley.  So the next time you need a SAN training class, give us a call and come visit us in Ben Lomond for a few days.  You will be glad you did!

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