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Fibre Channel Analyzer Training

A Fibre Channel Analyzer Training webinar has been scheduled for December 1, 2010 at 1PM Pacific time, and it is free to attend by registering before the start of the webinar.  You can get all of the details at the link below.

Fibre Channel Analyzers and Techniques for Using Them

I’m putting this post up because almost everyone in the SAN Analysis world has been “stuck” using the same brands of expensive FC Analyzers for years, and its time to look at an alternative that works just a well (or perhaps better) and costs much less than the big name systems.

Now I understand being educated, trained, and having used a particular piece of equipment for years, and I know what its like to “become comfortable” with a particular system.  But every now and then it’s good to see what the other guys have come up with.

Here are a few quotes from the site:

“You will be introduced to the challenges of analyzing 8Gb Fibre Channel technology and given practical techniques on how to capture and analyze Fibre Channel traces. When it comes to Fibre Channel analysis, a limited number of tools are available to perform the important function of debugging and analyzing your designs.  … Today, the industry has a new player who has built an excellent tool that not only matches the capabilities of any current products, but adds advanced capabilities such as auto speed negotiation, increased buffer capture capabilities, advanced search functions, and other advanced features that will make your job easier.”

Register before the start date and please mention that you were referred from  Here is that link again:

Fibre Channel Analyzers and Techniques for Using Them

Please feel free to leave a comment or any questions you may have.

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