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Testing FCoE Designs Training

The Testing Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Designs webinar series has been re-released by Solution Technology on their website.

This series of webinars was recorded in late 2009, and has been made available again at no cost to students.  All you have to do is register for each of the 1 hour training sessions – with a valid email address – and have a video player that supports .wmv (Windows Media Video).

I recommend getting one video each week so that you can absorb the content of each session.  The content of each session is outlined below.

Part 1: What is FCoE?

* Today’s Data Center: 3 Application Classes, 3 Networks
* Tomorrow’s Data Center: A Single Converged Ethernet
* FCoE: Fibre Channel Encapsulation
* Fibre Channel and FCoE Status
* FCoE Deployment Scenarios

Part 2: FCoE Technology Overview

* FCoE Encapsulation
* FCoE Implementation Approaches
* FCoE Protocols

Part 3: FCoE Architecture Models

* Opening & Recap of Previous Segments
* Fibre Channel and FCoE Architecture Models

Part 4: FCoE Testing and Verification

* Opening & Recap of Previous Segments
* Testing and Verification Challenges
- Design Verification Testing: Stress Testing, Forced Error Testing
- Demonstration of SANBlaze Virtual LUN

Part 5: Initiator and Target Emulation

* Opening & Recap of Previous Segments
* Design Verification Testing
- Initiator Emulation, Target Emulation, VLAN Testing
* Stress Testing
- Multiple Initiator Emulation, Multiple Target Emulation
* Forced Error Testing

To check out the webinar sessions, click the link below, and don’t forget to select the item where they ask how you heard about the webinars.

Testing FCoE Designs Seminar Series <-CLICK HERE

Please feel free to leave any comments about the series here.

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