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iSCSI SAN Training Coming Up Soon

An Online iSCSI SAN Training class is coming up in September 2010, where I will be the instructor.  This class is open to any student, from almost any part of the world, that can make the scheduled times.

Dates and times are: September 20-24, 2010 (5 days), starting at 8:00AM Pacific Time and running through 12:00PM Pacific time (4 hours per day).

iSCSI Training Topics

You can see the full topic list at the following link …  iSCSI SAN Training Class … but I want to give you a little preview about what we cover and how we do this.

  • Review of Storage Area Network (SAN) concepts.  This is so that everyone has a basic understanding about what SANs are all about, compared to other data storage methods.
  • Review of SCSI concepts.  Again, I want everyone to know what an Initiator is, what a Target is, a LUN, how SCSI commands, data, and SCSI Status are moved through a storage system.
  • iSCSI SAN components.  We will look at iSCSI Initiators, iSCSI Targets, and iSCSI LUNs, and how we can put them together to make an iSCSI-based Storage Area Network.
  • iSCSI Protocol & Structure. This includes details like Headers, Protocol Data Units (PDUs), Discovery methods, Login and Sessions, and iSCSI operations.
  • iSCSI Analyzer Traces. This is “the fun part”, and helps reinforce the concepts that are taught during this training class.
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of iSCSI.  We will look at performance and cost, both in a technical way (speed, bandwidth & throughput) and a financial way.

For me, the Lab Exercises (analyzer traces) are the best part.  Since this is an Online course, where the students will be seeing my screen and we will be talking online, you will have a chance to ask questions, in real time, as we cover the material.  We can even pass the screen sharing function to the students, so that if you have a question about something that you can show on your screen, we can do that in real time too.  With that in mind, if you have any desire at all to join in on this training class, please feel free to ask questions about topics that YOU would like covered, by posting a comment here.  If you want to register, make sure you fill out the “Heard About” item with the selection.

One last thing: If you can get a few of your fellow workers together that want or need to take this iSCSI SAN Training course privately, just post a comment here and let me know.  The comments do not become public unless I review and approve them, so your contact and information will remain private.

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