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SCSI Commands & Architecture Class Results

SCSI Commands & Architecture Class Results

I just thought I would post the results of the SCSI training class that was held about a week ago.  First I would like to thank the students – without them, this class could not have gone so well.  Everyone had lots of questions about various SCSI related topics, including:

  • How to interpret SCSI Command fields?
  • What happens when a command doesn’t work?
  • What are the SCSI Status responses that occur for different conditions?
  • How do I decode SCSI Sense Data?
  • How do I read or decode a SCSI analyzer trace?
  • How can I read a Fibre Channel analyzer trace?

I know that last one may not seem like a “SCSI thing”, but when you are looking at SCSI FCP portions of the trace, we discover that 99% of the information is SCSI related.  After all, Fibre Channel is just SCSI over another connection.  I guess the same can be said if you are using iSCSI or SAS too.

I believe the high spot of this class, at least for me, was going over analyzer traces that helped to reinforce the concepts of the course.  Some of these concepts were:

  • How SCSI connections are made
  • How to identify what Host (Initiator) and Device (Target) are involved in any command
  • How to identify what status is for which command and
  • When do we disconnect and reconnect.

At one or two points during the class, I even had some of the students “take control” of the presentation system so that everyone could see what was on their computer screen.  And all of this was done without them having to leave their office, or in one or two instances, their home.   Everyone used Voice over IP (VoIP), so that we could chat and answer questions in real time.  I especially want to thank the students in the Eastern time zone for “working late” when we had to change the schedule.  I hope that all of the students enjoyed their “bonus gifts” that were sent to them because of this change.

One last note: If you and a few coworkers would like to take this class, or one of the other SAN training courses offered, please contact me and I will try to arrange a course that is convenient for YOUR schedule.

You can also check the following link to see if there is a “public class” that you may want to attend.

SCSI Training Classes

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